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We are manufacturer approved installers of Superior quality PVC membrane flat roof systems

We are now proud to be able to offer Protans single ply membrane roofing system as approved installers, which means we are able to offer their 15, 20 and 25 year warranties which un-like other membrane warranties on the market do not amortise. Working together with Protan we can provide you with system advice and specifications at planning stage, then install the most cost effective and trusted solution for your project. We can offer you mechanically fixed and fully adhered systems as well as unique to Protan Blue roof, vacuum and prefabricated systems. We know that together we can be very competitive on price and have a service back up which is second to none.


Protan is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of PVC single ply roofing systems, they are a Norwegian company, where they have been manufacturing and installing roofs since 1971. Protan’s materials have proven durability in the harsh environments of the Nordic region where temperature ranges are much wider than we experience in the UK and their membranes have been used on over 5 million square metres of roofing projects throughout the UK on a variety of large and small new build and refurbishment projects

We can install this system on any roof within the commercial and residential sector, from large industrial buildings to small flat roof and dorma window extentions. Contact us with your project needs and we will be happy to supply you with the best solution possible.

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