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If you would like to develop your land rather than selling it, you are talking to the right people. As experienced developers, we can work in partnership with you to realise the full potential of your asset in the shortest possible time.

Whether you’re an individual landowner, a group of neighbors, or a business owner with the potential for 1, 5, 10, or 50 homes we can help.

We can fully manage the process and organise the legal and planning packs, take care of the marketing and sale of plots, and put the infrastructure in place for construction to begin at the point of sale. 

There are two ways we could put the deal together - you choose which one suits you best. We could either enter a Joint Venture Partnership, with you providing the land and
Forefront would take care of the development in full including providing development funding, culminating with a profit share on completion and sale of the development which generally provides a much greater return for the land owner. Or we can build the site out for you on a Fixed price, Fully Managed Contract leaving you to sell the finished homes on completion. 

The top two important factors for landowners are firstly, getting the best possible price and secondly making the sale as smooth as possible. If that is the case, it could be well worth your while getting in touch with Forefront.

What is a Joint venture company?

You may hear this type of arrangement being referred to as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) or a JV Company. This is the most commonly used structure in the UK without question. It allows the development itself to be made into a limited company with the partners/investors becoming shareholders of this company. 

When you set up this type of structure, there are clear governance lines and agreed objectives for your development. Liability is usually secured the strength of the project and attached to the newly formed company. From an exit strategy perspective, the company can be sold when the development is complete by selling the shares as well as the assets. This offers flexibility in terms of income streams from the development. 

We have been involved in over 300 houses and developments throughout the South and South West. Our track record for securing planning permission, designing houses and constructing both affordable homes on large scale developments and small developments consisting of high-end desirable homes is second to none.

Have Questions?

For more information and to discuss your opportunity – Request a callback, and email us today…

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